Booking rooms

Dear Guest, Casa Muñoz give you the advantage over other Casas Particulares that you can secure your reservation paying a deposit. Once you pay the deposit, you no need to worry about arriving to your casa particular and find you room was given to another clients, which is common in Cuba. Once you pay the deposit and receive your booking confirmation your reservation is secure and you do not need to further reconfirm your reservation.

-To secure your reservation, we require a deposit around EUROS 50 (depending of your country)
- Your final bill will be in CUC.
From your deposit we will discount around CUC 52 from your total room bill for your stay (depending of our bank fee)
-The exact amount of deposit and discount will be inform by email.
- This deposit is non-refundable if you no arrive at the agreed date or cancel you reservation, so please be sure of your travel dates.

  • Once you send the booking form we will confirm availability and instructions on how to transfer the deposit by email.
  • Once your deposit payment is received, you will receive confirmation of your booking by email.
  • Check our   Changing dates and cancellation policy.


Booking Form