"Surrounded by spectacular landscapes, turquoise seas, verdant mountains, exquisite valleys, rivers and waterfalls; Trinidad, a living museum, is an engaging paradise for the visitors"

Muñoz Family

"We are happy to welcome you in our venerable colonial home"

    The entrepreneurial Muñoz Family are involved in several touristic business ventures that they offer to the visitors. 
    They offer the visitor B&B accommodation, an acclaimed restaurant with rooftop patio overlooking the heart of the colonial city, plus horseback-riding excursions and photography workshops. 
    They work to create you an unforgettable journey to our wonderful and romantic city frozen in time: Trinidad de Cuba”

Casa Munoz. Bed Breakfast en Trinidad de Cuba. Casa Particular

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Jose Marti # 401 Street

Trinidad.      S.Spiritus


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+53 41993673